About Us


InterCollege is an international oriented social enterprise within the field of education, training and consultancy. We have a young international team with different educational backgrounds and interests, located across three independent offices in Denmark, Norway and the United Kingdom. Together, we have a very broad expertise and we can communicate fluently in over 10 different languages. 

We are all passionate about internationalization and we have experienced living abroad. We know how important international qualifications are, and we know how to successfully build them. 


Our vision is to stimulate global progress, built on international respect, understanding and coherence through:

  • Facilitating bespoke education;
  • Acting as a counterpart to educational providers;
  • Mobilising and connecting People, Ideas and Resources.


InterCollege was started in 2010 by two dedicated entrepreneurs.

The founders, Mr. Asser Mortensen and Mr. Kristen Henriksen, had a vision: they believed that peace and global growth could be achieved through internationalization.

Mr. Mortensen had a MA in project management and over 10 years of experience with administration of EU-Funds. Mr. Henriksen had 30 years of experience from the educational sector, 10 years of experience in the municipal youth department and several years of experience as  a development worker in Africa.

The founders realized that when their experiences and affords were put together they could make a difference for people and organizations all over Europe.

InterCollege started in the homes of the founders and have since got own offices in Aalborg. Today, Mr. Mortensen is managing InterCollege.

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