Equal Start

“The project “Equal Start” aims to build the capacity of the partner organizations to empower marginalised young women through entrepreneurship and raise their awareness upon their role in sustainable development and economic growth. “

In order to attain this aim, the partners set the following objectives:
1. To develop a Guide for educators in entrepreneurship education that is targeted to reach marginalized young women
2. To give 20 youth workers from the partner organizations tools for empowering marginalized young women through entrepreneurship and support their business creation.
3. To promote entrepreneurship and a sense of responsibility among 50 marginalized young women in the local communities of the partner organizations.
4. To strengthen the cooperation between organizations of Europe and South Asia, and their capacity to promote women empowerment through entrepreneurship.

The partners will develop a Guide for educators in entrepreneurial education containing (1) non-formal methods to trigger an entrepreneurial spirit among marginalized young women; (2) information/tools/ methods to support marginalized young women in the creation of small businesses; (3) information upon the role of marginalised young women in achieving global growth; (4) a further reading list.

Project activities
The project consists of eight activities that corroborated will allow the consortium to develop and publish the guide for educator in entrepreneurship education targeted to marginalised young women, ensure a local impact and secure the project sustainability.

Download: Equal Start.