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The EU 2020 strategy set out a target to reach a 75% employment rate for 20 to 64 year -olds across Europe, however the stark reality is that the EU continually faces youth unemployment challenges.

Eurostat report, 2018 edition, shows that in 2017, 14.3% of 18 to 24-year olds were neither in employment nor in education, exposing themselves to the risk of labour market exclusion and dependence on social security. The same report goes on emphasising that people with low educational attainment form one of the most disadvantaged groups in the labour market, exhibiting low employment rates.

These findings underline the importance of education for employability. Youth Organisations have been long identified as having a pivotal role in reversing unemployment trends and equipping young people with transversal skills and enhancing their personal development. However, reports show that if such organisations developed their core administrative activities, they would have the capacity to have a significantly higher impact.

The partners identified that there is no specific course in Europe, offered either by Universities or other educational stakeholders, specifically upon the administration of Youth NGOs. Therefore, to respond to the needs of existing and prospective youth NGOs in enhancing their administrative procedures, NGO leaders shall have access to a course in “Youth Organisation administration”, that is specifically relevant, offers concrete learning outcomes, and is flexible to fit around an already busy
schedule of many youth organisation members.

Project Aim and Objectives:

The aim of the project is to strengthen the managerial and administrative capacity of Youth Organisation Leaders, as a means to validify the capacity and recognition of youth organisations as non-formal educators of young people.

In order to meet this aim, the following objectives have been set:
1. To develop a course on “Youth Organisation administration” on four specific thematic modules that meets the learning needs of Youth NGO leaders;
2. To develop an e-learning platform as to make course available online as an open educational resource;
3. To train a team of 24 Multipliers to promote the online course among stakeholders outside the project’s consortium;
4. To promote the role of youth organisations in social and economic development, regionally and across the EU.


The project will develop an online course in “Youth NGO Administration” that targets existing and prospective youth NGO leaders. The course will contain four modules:
1) Non-Formal Education;
2) Organisational Management and Strategies;
3) Project Management;
4) Financial Management & Organisational Administration.